• Nicaragua Finca Las Nubes (12 oz.)

Nicaragua Finca Las Nubes (12 oz.)


About this item

Region: Nueva Segovia, Dipilto

Process: Fully Washed

Variety: Pacamara

Elevation: 1,300 Meters

Notes: This coffee has great structure but is also refreshing with a cooling sensation of spearmint. It also has notes of chocolate, bourbon, and sugar cane. Think of this as the mint juleps of coffee!

Tastes Like: Sugar Cane, Mint, Milk Chocolate, and Whiskey

This lot is from Carlos Alberto Bendana Albir and is one of the highest scoring lots for Anthem Coffee Imports this season. Carlos is the current president of the Nicaragua Coffee Association and is the owner of Cafe Segovia Exports. 

The Farm this lot comes from is called Finca Las Nubes which translates as "The Clouds". The farm has been in Carlos' family for over fifty years. This is in addition to their other three family farms, Finca Santa Adelaida, Buenos Aires, and Las Vegas. All of these farms are shade grown with permanent reforestation programs. 

The combination of fertile soils, elevation, and predictable weather patterns result in excellent quality coffee.