I'm a sucker for documentaries.  Especially ones about the most controversial topics like war or food.  So when I was browsing Amazon for new records to buy and I saw a link that said I can stream free movies because I had a Prime account I went straight to the documentary tab.  By the way, I haven't had a t.v, Netflix account, or been to the movie theater since we opened Hoboken in 2012 so needless to say I could have watched a film about grass and I would have been entertained and probably written a post about it.

My cursor landed on a film called Milk? (spoiler alert: James Franco is not in this film) and I thought it applied because we use a lot of milk in the coffee business.  It's only 59 minutes long and it gets right to the point.  Is milk good or is milk bad?  Now, like most good documentaries you're left with more questions then answers because if it were easy to nail down, it wouldn't be controversial or worth talking about for 59 minutes.  One major takeaway was the portion on raw milk.  Raw milk is practically illegal to distribute in North America.  I think you can drive to a farm and buy it but who has time for that?  That kinda makes it like pot right?  If you have some in your own house and nobody knows your using it then typically no federal agents show up at your door. But if you start slingin' that stuff to the masses, look out, you'll probably end up in court.  That's what happens to the raw mike people! FOR MILK! That's so crazy.  Anyway, the raw milk guy said there are huge amounts of power when food sources become centralized.  In other words, when all of societies food comes from a few major players, they pretty much own us.  

 This got me thinking and the good news is that at Hoboken we do a really good job of using ingredients that don't come from the big food industry distributors like US FOODS or Cisco or whoever.  I'm not saying those companies are bad or they have bad products because I consume them anytime my family and I go out to eat and so do you.  However, I'm not saying they're good either because I don't know much about them other than they deliver food to every restaurant I've ever worked at. 

 I'm just proud to know that when we buy milk for Hoboken it comes from Braum's.  Now you can do five seconds of research and you'll see Braum's has some of the best Dairy practices in the country and they're local to Oklahoma.  I leave it up to you to prove that wrong.  We get our eggs from a local farmer and when possible we get our flour and sugar from this Azure Standard co-op that delivers once a month right across the street at the Guthrie Whole Foods.  All the fruit for the pastries comes from Oregon Fruit Products Co. in Salem Oregon.  They're a family owned company who harvests their berries by hand. Whoa.  We do have to make the occasional trip to purgatory, I mean, Sam's Club to buy sugar, flour, and a lot of other ingredients for the baked goods from time to time.  And that's about it really.  We make milk based coffee drinks and pasteries and that allows us to have more flexibility when it comes to the ingredients we use. 

 I know, this post was supposed to be about a milk documentary.  Basically I learned that milk is incredibly complex and elusive and I bet if you follow the money trail you'll see why a lot of things are done the way they are.  Also, most people with definitive answers probably have an agenda so I'd be cautious with that kind of talk.  In the end, it's always a good idea to make your own educated decisions.

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1. Paulette Woods wrote:
Hooray, this is so well done!!! Thank you for putting Trey In print for me to hug this morning. You are integrity through and I love you, Gam.

Wed, February 26, 2014 @ 5:22 AM

2. Kylee wrote:
I thought it was funny that I came acrossed this blog post seems I just watched Food, inc. for the first time today. I love your coffee shop, honestly I'm obsessed with your work! And I feel even more drawn to your store now knowing your focus on local sourcing for ingredients. Healthy and delicious:)

Sat, March 29, 2014 @ 1:05 AM

3. Cara wrote:
I'm moving to Guthrie from Oregon the first week of July and was happy to see that you 1) have such an awesome looking shop. Can't wait to be a regular! and 2) use Oregon berries. I'll know where to get a taste of home when I'm feeling homesick. :)

Thu, June 26, 2014 @ 11:04 PM

4. Trey wrote:
See what I mean =>

Sat, July 26, 2014 @ 10:55 AM

5. Jared wrote:
So awesome. Thanks for keeping it "real"!

Wed, September 3, 2014 @ 1:46 AM

6. Jared wrote:
Another thought. After my Son was born 3 months ago he was fussy all night and day. Someone sugested my wife stop drinking milk. She did and all he is so calm and sleeps well ever since.

Wed, September 3, 2014 @ 1:48 AM

7. Margarey wrote:
We drive about 40 minutes every 2 weeks or so for raw milk and free range eggs. Raw milk is DELICIOUS! I have never even liked milk much, but I married a milk drinker, and I couldn't believe how good raw milk tastes. Also, I am not sure if the documentary mentioned it, but there is a lot of studies on whole milk vs.2% vs heavy cream. I use the heaviest cream available for coffee (and in an age of soy lattes, I get lots of crazy looks) but it tastes better, and is being proved to be the healthier option. Anyhoo - Kudos for using great business practices! Hope Amazon Prime brings you many more enlightening documentaries!

Tue, November 4, 2014 @ 12:13 PM

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