• Costa Rica Finca Sircof (12 oz.)

Costa Rica Finca Sircof (12 oz.)



Region: Grecia, Central Valley

Producer: Marcos Oviedo

Varietal: Catuai

Process: Semi Washed

Elevation: 1,300 Meters

Cupping: Almond, Orange, Maple Syrup, Full Bodied

Description:  This lot is semi washed on a Penagos eco pulper to conserve Costa Rica’s most precious commodity - water. This is the opposite of what you would find in the old Estate style coffees in Tarrazu who utilize larger fermentation tanks for soaking to breakdown the sticky pectin or honey left on the outer parchment. Marcos leaves pulps about 90% of the fruit off for his semi washed and leaves roughly 10% miel or honey on. Some countries might refer to this as a pulped natural or even a white honey.

Coffee farming is a family tradition for Marcos Oviedo, a third generation coffee grower. In 2011 in an effort to survive the challenges of being a small producer, the Oviedo's invested in a Penagos Micro Mill. This allowed them to maintain tighter control on as many aspects of the quality chain as they could before delivering the coffee to the Tesoros dry mill in Cartago. This farm is graced by the gentle weather of the Central Valley coffee zone of Grecia, Costa Rica. The farm is surrounded by land used for a diverse number of crops like bananas and honey.