• Hoboken at Home

    I've been thinking about starting a personal blog.  Mainly, it seems to be very therapeutic. Also Trey and I have started off 2015 with a pretty strict running regimen so I thought it might be fun to incorporate a running log.  As I was going through these ideas and trying to motivate myself to start it Trey chimed in.  He said, "just post to the Hoboken blog".  So I started thinking about it and I felt really conflicted because it has nothing to do with coffee.

  • The times they are a changin'

    We have been tossing around the idea of changing our hours for quite sometime now. When we initially opened we posted our "trial hours" because we weren't confident in what would work. Our second year is coming to a close, which blows my mind, and we now feel like we are starting to figure out what works best in our community and for our family.

  • Moments

    Life is made up of moments. Some memorable, some not so memorable. Some life altering, some pass by without us ever noticing.

  • Seasonal Rest

    Long before we opened the doors to Hoboken we always talked about giving ourselves two vacations in the course of a year.  Once in the Winter/Spring and once in the Summer.  We committed to closing the store and not just letting employees operate the cafe while we rest.  We wanted everyone and everything to take a break including owners, employees, and equipment.  These breaks will re-energize our staff and give us a fresh perspective on how to serve and create better.  ...

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