• Reserve Tank

    The body's reserve tank is an amazing thing. You may feel utterly exhausted and unable to move another step but your brain has wisely held back an enormous amount of energy for a fight or flight moment. Tapping into your body's physical reserve tank takes practice.

  • A head start

    When I played high school football we had summer workouts that would begin at 7:00am and end around 8:30am. Afterwards our coach would say we've accomplished more before our peers woke up than they'll accomplish all day. It was a head start.The strength training was important for football but I no longer need to be strong to be great in my industry.

  • Ear plugs

    Greatness is like the narrow path that Jesus mentioned. It's not narrow because it's reserved for a few or because it's hidden behind a bush. It's narrow because it's a specific path.

  • We are NOT stupid

    A couple of mornings ago I was listening to the morning news on NPR and the President's voice came on, he was talking about how last year the United States had more people graduate from college than ever before and that the children were doing better on standardized test than they have in recent years...yada yada yada.  After he stopped speaking another man came on and said that although that is true we are not competing well with other countries. I am not going to quote too much because I ...

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